Dr. Mathew Mosher: There're two issues when women are considering breast implant surgery and pregnancies. One of the questions I get quite often is: "if I have breast implants and I go on to have a future pregnancy, will that be of any concern?" Well with some careful approaches with the surgery, there's usually little impact or no impact on the breast function. So breastfeeding success rates are just as high in women with implants as they are in women without implants.

Now another r concern women have with breast implants if they go on to have a pregnancy is: what will our breasts look like when the pregnancy is all done? And although that's difficult to predict, the bottom line is, during a pregnancy and looking after small children, your focus is different, and my patients are reassured to know that during that time, the breast implants won't affect their ability to breastfeed and won't affect the quality of the breast milk if they choose to do that.

And then once they're finished with their pregnancy and having their children, if they do have laxity or if they do have changes to their breast shape that they're concerned about, that's a big part of what we see in our practice and there are solutions for rejuvenating their breast shape.


Breast Milk After Implants: This Doctor Explains What to Expect

Dr. Mathew C. Mosher discusses the impact pregnancy has on implants.