Hi, It's Dr. Windle here in Seattle, Washington with the answer to one of the common questions I see about breast feeding and breast implants I think women are wondering is, "Is it safe to breastfeed if you've got breast implants?" And the answer is yes. There's no problem. The FDA and all the breast implant companies have never really mentioned anything about breastfeeding and breast implants. Studies have been done that have shown that the breast milk is very safe. In fact cow's milk has more silicone in it than most human milk with or without implants in place. So there you go. It's very safe. Go ahead and get pregnant and breastfeed your baby and enjoy that baby. I hope that helps.

Is It Safe to Breastfeed After Getting Implants?

Dr. Brian Windle explains how likely is it that a woman can breastfeed following breast augmentation surgery.