The most important thing for somebody who doesn't want to change their overall look is to pick a doctor who's going to have natural results. So if you have a doctor who looks to preserve the structures like the ear and make them look natural when he's done, then you're going to have a more natural result. And these things are very artistic; the look of the '80s or '90s where people were very pulled is very old-fashioned now. So now we have bidirectional facelifts, where the deep layer gets pulled up, but the skin gets pulled gently back and we put everything together, so literally the next day after surgery, you can't see the incisions.

Will a Facelift Change My Overall Appearance?

Dr. Brent Moelleken understands that the number one worry of all potential facelift patients is that they will not look like themselves after the procedure. He explains how facelifts of today differ from facelifts of decades past.