A good candidate is someone who feels that their breasts are too small because an augmentation is making them larger. So, anyone who feels that their breasts are too small is someone who might desire to have breast augmentation. A candidate is someone who is simply healthy enough to have that procedure done, which most people are, and who has realistic expectations about what that can provide.

All that we're providing with the breast augmentation is improved aesthetics of the breast. It won't change your life. It won't give you a better relationship with your friends or boyfriend. It will just make your breasts prettier and bigger, and it may add to your self-confidence and allow you to do more.

First we help you get the proper size by measuring your chest dimensions, your chest wall dimensions, baste, width of your breast, and we have a rough idea of what size implant, what diameter implant, you can accommodate based upon your anatomy. Whether you have a lot of cleavage, a little cleavage, we adjust the sizes we offer you. Now, as far as the volume of expansion, we let you decide that by putting spacers into your bra and looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing what is a good volume for you.

Now, our nurses are very, very experienced at helping you with this because we do this all the time, and they can give you feedback.

Finally, in the operating room, we're going to make sure that you have an appropriate appearance, appropriate position of those implants, because position determines shape and how you're going to look. We'll never leave the operating room without you looking your very best.

Will a Breast Augmentation Improve My Relationship?

Dr. Barry Citron explains the benefits of a breast augmentation, noting that while larger breasts will not improve your relationships, it will boost your self-confidence.