We reduce the size of the breast by taking out breast tissue and excess skin. We also raise the breast up and raise the nipples up to make them look aesthetically much more pleasing or youthful. Even if you never had beautiful breast or never a nice-shaped breast, this gives us an opportunity to reshape and recontour the breast and make them fit your body better.

Breast reduction scars basically always have a circular scar around the areola, which is the outer ring of pigmented tissue which separates the nipple skin from the rest of the skin. Every breast reduction has a circular scar and usually has a vertical scar. Occasionally we'll have a horizontal scar as well. We call it vertical reduction mammoplasty when there's a circular scar around the nipple areolar complex and a vertical scar, and sometimes there's a horizontal component to it, which may be a J or goes off to one side or a T. The lower component of that is hidden by the fold in the breast.

Where Will I Have Scars After a Breast Reduction?

Dr. Barry Citron explains how a breast reduction is performed and where patients can expect to see scarring post-op.