Usually, it's people who notice some loose stretchy skin on their upper and lower eyelids. They can benefit from having an eyelid plasty, eyelid lift, officially called a blepharoplasty, and that will contour the skin of the eyelids and also get rid of any bags or puffiness due to fat that has pushed out or become more prominent in the eyelids. Sometimes, that appearance of fat puffiness is a hereditary characteristic, and it can occur in people in their 20s or 30s before their skin is even loose. And that fat can be removed from inside the eyelid, not even leaving a scar on the eyelid. But for people in their later 30s, 40s and later on who begin to show looseness of skin, then you really need to tailor the skin.

Why Would a Young Person Have Drooping Eyelids?

Dr. Richard Schwartz explains the reasons why a person, young or old, might have problems with either protruding fat or loose skin that causes a hooding effect over the eye.