It's a very appropriate and wonderful thing to do for a child who's very much aware that their ears stick out and make them look different than their friends. These children often come to their parents. Their parents think they're beautiful, but they come to their parents complaining that children at school are kidding them, ridiculing them, calling them names. And so I sometimes see people or children as young as five or six who are brought in by their parents, and there are very good operations, multiple operations, available to basically place the ears further back, not to really make the ears look smaller but to put them back in a normal position. That's really the problem. They're protruding too much, and there are nice operations available, and all the work is done from behind the ear, so there is no visible scar. We do this on children, and even teenagers, and even adults.

Pinning Back Your Child's Protruding Ears Could Help Their Social Lives

Dr. Richard Schwartz explains an ear pinning procedure but explains its usefulness in providing the child with increased confidence.