Dr. Jaime Garza: It's vitally important for the patient to understand what they're getting ready to undergo. A surgeon's job, or a doctor's job, is really to educate the patient, and essentially doctor's are teachers, and our job is really to teach the patient what it is they're coming to us for, what the treatment options are and what the possible complications are as well. A patient cannot turn a blind eye to a surgical procedure. People tend to look at cosmetic procedures as getting a haircut or getting their nails done, and the next day I'm going to be fine. These are real surgical procedure that have real complications associated with them. Plastic surgery, as in any surgical procedure, can be very scary for the patient. It's important that the patient understand what their risks and benefits and treatment options are for their particular procedure. In an elective, aesthetic, plastic surgery procedure, your traditional health insurance will not cover that procedure and as such, it will not cover any complications that occur after the procedure. That is a very scary thing for the surgeon as well. It's important that the patient be covered for specific emergencies that occur, or complications that occur after a surgical procedure. ComsetAssure, in my practice, is the answer to that question. I want piece of mind when I operate on a patient, that if I get a call in the middle of the night, the patient's bleeding, the patient is having problems with blood pressure, is having a cardiac event, I want peace of mind that I can tell that patient to go straight to the emergency room and I don't have to worry about how, or what, or who is going to have to pay for this very costly treatment. Patients can have peace of mind when they sign up for CosmetAssure that they will not suffer a catastrophic financial complication after a surgical complication.

Why Is It Important to Discuss Possible Complications With Your Surgeon?

Dr. Jaime Garza explains why patients should discuss the possible complications of surgery with their doctor and who will handle this potential cost.

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