Complications of any plastic surgical procedure can be divided into immediate or acute and delayed complications. For breast augmentation, immediately we have to be concerned about, in general, what happens with any surgical procedure and that's bleeding. Immediate bleeding after surgery if it's severe enough oftentimes requires a return to the operating room. Infection, oftentimes infections occur fairly acutely, although sometimes it can be late as well. Malposition of the implants sometimes can be a complication but in reality, it's usually a matter of just waiting. Late complications for breast augmentation, I think the most concerning is capsular contracture and that's a whole another discussion. There's many, many variables involved in the formation of capsular contracture for breast implants. About one out of every 63 operations results in some form of complication.

If a complication occurs, no health insurance company in the world is going to cover that complication. In the old days, it did happen. In today's world, if you have a procedure done for cosmetic purposes, an elective plastic surgical procedure for cosmetic purposes, if a complication occurs, even though you're fully insured, your health insurance company will not cover that. Health insurance is a business and people who are in the business is making money and there are risks associated with procedures. Insurance is a whole different world. It's a risk management business and they understand that there are certain risks associated with elective cosmetic surgery. If you choose to have that operation, they choose not to cover any complications related to that. The word "doctore" in Latin means to teach and essentially doctors are teachers.

Our job is really to teach the patient what it is they're coming to us for? What the treatment options are and what the possible complications are as well. A patient cannot turn a blind eye to a surgical procedure. People tend to look at cosmetic procedures as getting a hair cut or getting their nails done and the next day, I'm going to be fine. These are real surgical procedures that have real complications associated with them. It is important that the surgeon and the patient have peace of mind. Enough bad things happen after surgery even in the best of hands. We want peace of mind that the patient's health and safety is number one but also that we protect the patient financially after surgical procedure.

Breast Augmentation Complications and Risks

Dr. Jaime Garza discusses the common complications associated with breast augmentation surgery and the importance of being financially protected. This video was sponsored by CosmetAssure. To learn more, visit