Dr. Jennifer Reichel: The perfect candidate for Ultherapy is somebody, who may be like 40 to 55 or so, has a little bit of jowling here and needs some tightening here, not somebody who is 75 and needs a facelift. You know, if somebody comes into me and they say, “I want some tightening here,” and they need a facelift. I am going to council them and say, “Hey, really, a surgical procedure is going to be better for you. You are going to get a way better outcome than doing Ultherapy.”

I don’t do facelifts. So, it’s not like I am selling that, but if they then say to me, “I refuse to do a facelift. I just don’t want one.” I will talk them through again, why they don’t want one, and if they really don’t want one, then I will talk to them about Ultherapy. But you are going to get the best results with somebody, who is needing some tightening and some lifting, but you know, isn’t quite there for the need for a surgical procedure. And I think it will stave off the need for surgical procedures for more years.

So, I get a lot of questions of, “How long does it last?” It’s not a matter of how long does the procedure last. It’s not like Botox that goes away in six months. It’s more like, how many years did it turn the clock back. So, it will turn you clock back five years, hopefully.

Who is the Perfect Candidate for Ultherapy?

Dr. Jennifer Reichel describes the ideal candidate for Ultherapy and how you can achieve the best results.