There's many men who have plastic surgery. People think that plastic surgery is just for women, but men have plastic surgery too. They just don't talk about it as much. Men come in for Botox. Men come in for dermal fillers. Men come in for liposuction, and men also come in for a Brazilian butt lift. So it's all done. But we do the procedures and the treatments in a way that it is customized to the patient. So we make them look masculine, or we make them look how they want to look, not to feminize them or not in a way that we might do it in a woman. We do it in a way we would do it in a man.

A lot of people will bring in a picture of who they want to look like. For instance, women bring in the Kim Kardashian or the Nicki Minaj pictures. Men, I haven't had a man bring in a picture of another man. Men usually come in who work out a lot, and so they lose a lot of weight in their butt so they have a lot of loose skin. So they're just saying their jeans don't fit the same way that they used to fit, and they just want to enhance a little bit more volume in their butt.

Which Procedures Are Men Coming in For?

Men are definitely not strangers to plastic surgery, Dr. David Shafer explains, but which procedures are they getting? Watch the video to find out!