Mommy makeover is a term I coined some time ago having to do with a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty and any breast surgery. I know others have morphed the term but we did a number of research studies to show that a tummy tuck was just as safe as a tummy tuck and breast surgery combined. Now that breast surgery could be an enlargement, a lift, a reduction, or an enlargement with a lift. We looked at all four categories along with a tummy tuck and we found that when we added the breast surgery to a tummy tuck or did a mommy makeover that the recovery period was the same, that the complications were not increased, the average time was three hours, and that the patient recovery was the same time. Mommy makeovers allow women who have had children to have their breasts and their abdomen or their tummies optimized in one session, one recovery time, one anesthesia, and a much lower cost. I definitely think it would be prudent and wise for a woman to wait till after she's had all of her children, she's finished with her family, before she has a mommy makeover.

Where Did the Term "Mommy Makeover" Come From?

You may have heard about the Mommy Makeover but who exactly started this trend and how has it risen so quickly in popularity? Dr. Grant Stevens explains.