Biggest question is when's the right time to do a lower body lift. For a lot of my patients, I really tell them there's never a bad time to seek a plastic surgeon when it comes to getting these procedures done, but there's a wrong time to do plastic surgery. For a lot of these patients, we want them at their goal weight, or at least what the goal for them is, and that may be different than what their bariatric surgeon may have had to say. We want them to be weight stable as well for about three months, and the reason for that is that their body has been in breakdown mode and they're not really ready to repair a lot of these larger incisions, and so we want to them be optimized in terms of their nutrition and in terms of their body to be able to repair these wounds. We also don't want them to be losing weight after these surgeries, because one thing we know from all of these weight loss patients is that their skin has been damaged and they're going to stretch. We know there's going to be some looseness regardless of how tight we make them, and if they lose a significant amount of weight after their procedure, their skin is going to loosen up again and they may loose some of the optimization of their result.

Life After Massive Weight Loss: When's the Right Time For a Body Lift?

After losing all that weight, your own skin becomes the enemy. When is it the right time to seek relief from a plastic surgeon?