We have a lot of patients flying from other states or even other countries to have surgery. I recommend in most cases for patients to stay about a week after surgery, especially when you're having liposuction on other areas of your body. There's not just the recovery but there's also risk of blood clots after surgery. We really want to make sure that you're well along on the healing process before you start flying or going for long drives. We have protocols in place to help prevent things such as the blood clots but there's also, as we talked about before, positioning such as... if we just put a lot of fat under your butt, we don't want you sitting on that fat for a long time. You have to think about how you're going to reposition if you're going to fly or if you're going to drive.

When Should I Fly Home After My Surgery?

Dr. David Shafer advises on the best time to consider traveling after a surgical procedure, especially after undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift.