Often patients are quite excited to hear that a laser will be utilized in their surgery. They feel that this is a technological advancement that will benefit them in the long run and in their ultimate outcome. Benefits of using a laser in any given particular case over not using it. For example, in a body contouring case with Smartlipo TriPlex, which is one of the lasers I use to help contour various body parts.

When I'm using that, you're actually using it to melt the fat essentially. You can get a skin tightening effect, so you've got a smoother result and you can more effectively remove fat from a given area. This is particularly helpful with patients who've had previous surgery whether it's liposuction or other types of body contouring surgery. It's very helpful in certain areas of the body where the fat tends to be very fibrous and difficult to remove if you're not using one of these techniques. Especially in men, in their body contouring because their fat tends to be very fibrous, the laser helps gets through that fibrous tissue and really gets you a superior result.

I'm Getting a Laser Treatment — What Can I Expect?

Dr. Sean A. Simon discusses what you'll experience with laser treatments.