I see a lot of patients that are coming in, interested in rejuvenation of the neck area - lower face and neck. Oftentimes these patients don't want a more traditional surgical facelift, which involves fairly large incisions and some definitive recovery time.

There are solutions for a certain subset of patients that I do offer, which is a laser approach. This involves making just a couple of 1-millimeter incisions in the neck, and treating the skin from the inside to get a tightening effect. You also can treat the . . . if there's excess fat and tightening of the deeper tissues in the muscle layer. You can get an improvement of this area without actually doing any invasive surgery. The procedure takes less than an hour under local anesthesia done in my office Surgery Center.

Depending on the patient, certain patients will see some results within a day or two. As soon as the bandages come off, you'll see results especially in patients that have a fat component to the neck, because that is something that will be eradicated very quickly. That will be evident in the patient immediately upon removing the bandages.

As far as tightening of the skin, that's a gradual effect that occurs actually over the course of months to an entire year as the collagen content under the skin improves and the skin quality and tightness improves over the course of that time.

How to Get Rid of the Dreaded Turkey Neck

Dr. Sean A. Simon discusses how he treats patients who have excess skin hanging from their necks.