Hi, it's Dr. Wendell here with the answer to one of the common questions we get with patients who are considering breast augmentation, and that is, "What will happen to my breasts if I ever became pregnant?"

It's really quite simple. For the most part, for most people, nothing will happen and that's the short answer. The longer answer is when you're pregnant, your breasts will get bigger. If you choose to breastfeed afterwards, your breasts will stay big until you finish breastfeeding or until you finish your pregnancy and choose not to breastfeed. At which point, the hormones die and over the next two four and six, maybe even eight weeks, your breasts will get smaller and all of the milk production that was happening will stop. At that point, your breasts go back to normal over top your implants.

Now the problem is that if you gain a lot of weight, you will stretch your skin out over your implants and the skin will hang off your implant. That is a problem. What I recommend to women is just don't gain a lot of weight or try not to. There are certain conditions where you won't have a choice, but for the most part, most women can control their weight and keep it to 25 or 30 pounds is probably the best from what I understand from obstetricians and that should keep your breasts a nice, great shape for when you finish your pregnancy.

What Will Happen to My Breast Implants If I Get Pregnant?

Dr. Brian Windle answers the common question about what will happen to your breast implants or your breast augmentation if you become pregnant.