Male Voice: The top three things that a plastic surgery candidate should consider is number one, the credentials obviously of the plastic surgeon and the experience they have and the types of procedures that they're looking for.

I also find that it's really helpful for patients to want to feel comfortable in the environment they're going to be looked after and a lot of that has to do with the team that surrounds and supports the plastic surgeon. I have a great team of nurses, estheticians and customer service representatives that I think make a real difference for our patients.

Finally if we are talking about surgical procedures, the environment that you have that surgery taking place in is very important as well. In our facility here at Yes Cosmetic Surgery Center, we're all college certified anesthesiologists. We only have professionally trained and credentialed nurses and we have one of the most state of the art surgical facilities you'll find anywhere to look after your needs.

What Are the Top 3 Things That Patients Should Look For in a Surgeon?

Dr. Mathew Mosher discusses what to consider when looking for a surgeon.