I try to assist each patient individually, depending on their body shape and what kind of buttocks they want. Not only do I talk to them verbally, I have them send me pictures of what’s called their wish butt because everybody has a different preference and the pictures really tell me a lot more than words. Somebody who is very muscular also tends not to have a lot of fat. Somebody who is already very muscular, I ask them do they want more projection or a rounded look for the buttocks. Sometimes they want more hips or lateral projection. It just depends on how much fat availability that they have, for example from their tummy or their flanks, their back or the outer or inner parts of the thighs.

What Is Your "Wish Butt" and How Can It Be Achieved?

Dr. Melinda Lacerna explains how fat grafting can be used to augment the butt. All you need is an idea of your desired look.