BACHIR is an acronym for a long term but basically it's an internal ultrasound that we use when we do liposuctions so that helps break up the fibrous areas in the body, especially the back upper abdomen and sometimes the flanks. And so it's... you can get a much better definition of those areas in a much improved result. It also is very helpful for a patient who had previous liposuctions and now they have more scarring and to go back and do some traditional liposuction would be very limiting and will not lead to a good result. I do this under intravenous sedation, so the patient is sedated, I.V., not general anesthesia. They don't feel any of the procedure. Afterwards you give them obviously pain medication and some other medication that helps with some of the nerve regeneration that happens with any healing so they won't have much discomfort.

What is Vaser Liposuction?

Dr. George Marosan explains the technology behind Vaser liposuction and how, when paired with a liposuction procedure, it can drastically improve results.