Dr. Judith Crowell: It's very difficult sometimes to be able to determine what, as a consumer you're looking for, and so you best leave it to the experts, and that's where my expertise comes in. There are a lot of different fillers and products that, although they're not really fillers, do help rejuvenate or resculpt the face. And in the case of, let's take two that are the longest lasting, you have Sculptra. And Sculptra really isn't a filler; Sculptra is a product that when injected, starts stimulating your own body to create collagen. And through this creation, it's longer lasting. Now it's not like fillers like Voluma which is a one-time injectable, because when you do sculpture, you have to do a session. It's much like doing hair transplants where you don't get that immediate "WOW." But for people who have time, and for people who are looking for that nice gradual approach, they don't want people to know that something has been done, it's a great option for them.

Voluma on the other hand is the newest type of hyaluronic acid, it like Restylane, Juvederm, is a product that you come in once, and it's really focusing, instead of the global face, it's more for specific areas, to give you more definition of the cheek bones. And so it has its own place, and many times you might do a combination of these fillers and other devices, to try to rejuvenate the face to give you the best options.

Sculptra and Voluma: Explain the Difference

Dr. Judith Crowell shares insights to understanding the different options facing consumers today. Specifically the differences between Voluma and Sculptra.