Dr. Judith Crowell: No, because it doesn't destroy anything. What Botox and these neurotoxins do is that they coat the nerve ending, and they prevent the secretion of this very important chemical that allows the muscle to contract. So it wears off. And if you don't like what you have seen with the Botox, then you never do it again. You will have some improvement. We have seen that Botox seems to help improve wrinkles, even long-term without redoing it. So very often, when people don't want to be committed to it, when I'll do a laser resurfacing, I'll use it at least once so that the healing process happens in the absence of muscle movements, so that will help those wrinkles go away. And then if somebody doesn't want to do it again, they don't have to do it again. But it just helps in the overall healing and the whole process.

Is Botox a Lifetime Commitment?

Dr. Judith Crowell explains how Botox works and why it isn't a lifetime commitment.