Smart lipo is a little bit different than other types of liposuction for a variety of ways, but one of the key things that's different is recovery. Now, I've had a lot of experience using different liposuction technologies, and I still have access to all of them, but I really find that smart lipo technology, using a small laser fiber to melt the fat and stimulate skin contraction is producing better results for my patients.

The recovery from smart lipo is a little bit easier. Most patients are off of any pain medication and back getting into their lives within a few days. The cost of liposuction can vary a lot, depending on what we're trying to accomplish, but that's part of the consultation process, to get specific answers to those question.

Now, we also try and put that in perspective for patients. The average cost of a liposuction procedure of a small area is probably between 4 and $6000, but patients are relieved to understand that it's usually one procedure that produces a lifetime solution for them.

What is Smart Lipo and How Much Does it Cost?

Dr. Mathew Mosher shares insights to how Smart Lipo works and what you can expect to pay for this type of treatment.