JeNu is in a whole different category. It takes advantage of the ability of ultrasound to help push products into the skin. So, if you think about it. The ingredients that we have in all of our skin care products need to get through the outer layer of the skin into the living cells underneath the surface in order to have a real effect in making skin healthier. The outer surface of the skin is a barrier. So, ultrasound has this ability. If you formulate the product right, they help push the product deeper into the skin. So, with JeNu, the product has retinol which is a very good anti-aging ingredient and it has little particles that sort of oscillate with the ultrasound and that helps push it through the outer barrier layer and kind of partition it into the layers underneath where it can really have a bigger effect.

Anybody who is a candidate for using retinol type product around the eyes could theoretically benefit from using JeNu because it'll enhance the permeation of the product end of the skin. You know, consult with your dermatologist, your plastic surgeon and if they say, yeah, we think, this type of skin care regimen is going to be good for you then JeNu might make a difference.

What is JeNu and How Does It Work?

Doctor Richard Baxter explains how JeNu works and who is a good candidate for the treatment.