Male Voice: Cellulaze is a pretty exciting technology. You know, almost 90% of women have some degree of cellulite on a part of their body and none of them like it. So Cellulaze has an opportunity to try and make a permanent solution or the studies have shown at least up to two years of improvement and we use a small laser fiber in the operating room to break up the actual anatomy that causes cellulite.

Cellulite is unique. We have small bands that pull a surface of the skin down. We have localized area of fat deposits and we have thin weak skin and each of those components can be improved in a very short procedure that results in a quick recovery time. In fact, most of my Cellulaze treated patients are back to work within two or three days.

Cellulaze Not Only Treats Cellulite But Also Fat Stores and Thin Skin

Dr. Mathew Mosher discusses what the Cellulaze treatment is and how it works to not only rid the body of that lumpy cellulite but also improve the look at the fat beneath the surface and revitalize thin skin.