In our practice, we've been doing Brazilian Butt Lifts for about 10 years. We have evolved from Brazilian Butt Lifts to something else. We're now doing the Body Sculpt Butt Lift. What that is it's a combination of all the benefits of old-fashioned Brazilian Butt Lift with the addition of Body Sculpting.

What we do is we go ahead and we'll sculpt the personal edges of the patient's anatomy of their muscles, of their bones. So that once they're done, they have a very trimmed butt, they have a round, beautiful butt, but we don't want them to look like a wall. We don't want them to look without character.

When we finish, you can see the edges of the muscle. You could see the definition. That creates a really beautiful, natural result which is so important here in South Florida.

What is a Body Sculpt Butt Lift

Doctor Pat Pazmino explains his technique, the "body sculpt butt lift," for performing Brazilian Butt Lifts.