Recent techniques in fat grafting have revolutionized plastic surgery. It's fantastic because we're using the patient's own tissue in ways that we just couldn't possibly imagine. Fat grafting, we've been doing it to the bottom for years. We're now going ahead and using it in the hands and the face. We're also using it in the breasts. I started doing that when we were using fat grafting as an adjunct, as something additional when we did breast reconstruction. We then went ahead and started doing fat grafting just for an augmentation.

What's wonderful is using fat grafting in very difficult cases, cases that really don't have very good solutions. For example, after a woman has had a breast augmentation, one common complication is rippling. What we've done is we've taken the techniques of fat grafting and we've incorporated ultrasound.

Under ultrasound, we can find out exactly where the needle is that we use to add the fat and we can layer the fat into very thin layers. So in that sense, we're able to take care of the rippling but really be very safe and preserve the implant, not damage anything else.

What Areas are Suited for Fat Grafting

Doctor Pat Pazmino discusses what areas are suited for Fat Grafting.