I think most women think of varicose veins as something that's cosmetic. They may be walking around for years after pregnancy with terrible, terrible veins. A woman's leg is actually really important, I mean, we like to wear shorts, we like to be active and for many of my patients, they don’t want to do that after they have varicose veins. But the other part of course is the symptomatic issues.

So women in their 40 maybe really active and love to run and do lots of things but they may not be able to do that because they've had pain and swelling in their legs, and being able to treat that and get rid of that pain for them is amazing. I also see a subset of patients who actually have really severe decease where they have ulcers or open sores as a result of their varicose veins.

You can make such an impact in these patient's lives by treating those veins that they may have ulcer for 5 years and seek out 5 different doctors and went through clinic and simply by doing the procedure and getting rid of the source of the problem you've altered that patient's life forever, so it's amazing.

What impact can vein treatment have in a patients life?

Doctor Margaret Mann discusses the physical and cosmetic complications that varicose veins cause in a patients life.