Spider veins, there's usually a little tiny bit of discomfort when the needle goes in. But other than that, it's really quite simple. We use two solutions, one is called Polidocanol, and one is called Sodium Tetradecyl Sulfate. Both of them are actually very, very comfortable for patients. The old days, we tend to use a lot of what's called hypertonic saline or salt water solution. And that tends to be a little bit more painful for patients.

So really with the new solution, very, very simple for patients. And when it comes to [inaudible 00:00:37] there really is, compared to the old days, of stripping in the operating room, these are really quite easy for patients. Most of my patients, 95% of them, I don’t even give them pain medicines when they leave the office. It's really quite easy for them to tolerate the minor discomfort they may have during the procedures.

Is Spider Vein Treatment Painful?

Doctor Margaret Mann shares what spider vein treatment feels like and what you can expect to experience in terms of pain.