We choose the right type of implants during the discussion with our patient. A lot of it is dictated by the patient's anatomy, the amount of sagginess, whether or not the patient has breastfed and had children, the amount of elasticity left in the skin, the required size or the expected size that the patient is looking for, the level of physical activity of the patient is also involved with. So there are lot of factors that are involved in the decision. And what's the most important for most of our patients in Toronto is to get a natural result. So the width and the height of the native breast will often dictate at least the diameter and the height of the implant. After which, we can play a little bit with the projection to get the proper volume.

Breast Implant Selection: These Are the Factors That Influence the Right Type For You

As Dr. Marc DuPere explains, choosing the right type of breast implant size is dependent on many pre-existing factors, such as anatomy, the amount of sagginess, and the patient's level of physical activity.