A large part of my
practice is related to skin cancer surgery
and reconstruction following that, so
that's always a, an important issue. Um,
we are seeing a lot of patients coming in
for cosmetic procedures. Now it's more to
do, more of a minimal kind of things that
they can tolerate and go back to work that
day, or the next day. Uh, a new procedure
that's now coming on the market is, uh,
using a radio frequency device to create
heat to ablate the nerve, which runs
across and causes front lines between the
eyebrows. So that's something new that
people are coming in. It's kind of an
alternative to... Botox and some of these
other neuromodulators, which temporarily
inhibit contraction of the muscle in the
area. This tends to last for about a year,
year and a half.

What Cosmetic Trends Are You Seeing?

Dr. Andrew Kaufman discusses a new trend he is seeing to reduce wrinkles.