We're seeing an increase in the trend of men coming in, far and away the
overwhelming majority is still women, but we are seeing more men. I think
men are getting more comfortable, they want to do whatever it takes to
maintain that edge in the workplace. The approach to men is a little bit
different. You have to use more products sometimes when we're doing Botox;
a little bit more fillers. We have to be careful when we're treating men,
we don't want to treat them the same as women.

One of the worst things you can do is to feminize a man, so there is a
little bit different of an approach when we're treating men about exactly
where we are placing injectables. Men have a little bit of a tougher time
sometimes putting up with the down time than women; we do see that trend as
well. But we are seeing men that come in and they certainly get their share
of cosmetic procedures as well.

What Cosmetic Procedures are Most Popular with Men?

Dr. Chad Prather discusses what cosmetic procedures are most popular with men.