[inaudible 00:00:01], which is a full tummy tuck. It's not uncommon for patients to have umbilical hernias with pregnancy. Obviously patients come in primarily for body contouring, but it's fairly frequently we find belly button hernias or umbilical hernias. We're going to hold on to this right here. These can be repaired at the same time. Here's the umbilical hernia coming out through the umbilical stalk. That's what gives you an outie, believe it or not.

We're just going to reduce this hernia and repair it. No mesh, just use our own soft tissues. This sometimes can be covered by insurance, so it's wise to discuss that with your plastic surgeon ahead of time.

Thank you.

Inside the Operating Room: How an Outie Belly Button Can Be Reversed

Dr. Remus Repta explores what causes an outie belly button and how it can be repaired during a tummy tuck without the use of mesh.