The device companies are interested in selling their devices, and they're not necessarily interested at this point in selling the devices to a doctor who is properly trained to do them. So if I am an internist or an anesthesiologist who happens to own a Medispa, even though I've never done a liposuction or a body-contouring procedure in my career, I'm still able to get a CoolSculpting machine and offer this service to patients.

The problem with that is that when your only tool is a hammer, then every patient is going to look like a nail, and anyone who comes in, you are going to be pushing them towards CoolSculpting where it might not be the appropriate procedure. The patient may have a skin problem. The patient may have a fat problem that's too large to be addressed by CoolSculpting, and that means that that patient is going to be wasting their money on a procedure where a different surgical procedure is going to be a better choice for them than the CoolSculpting.

Watch Out For MediSpas and Their Lackluster Credentials

Dr. Nicholas Husni explains how MediSpas often operate, adding that patients should be wary of getting their treatments done there until they've fully researched the establishment.