Ideally, you want to be close to your ideal weight to have any body contouring procedure. Ideally. That's who gets the best cosmetic results but that does not mean that people who have extra fat are not candidates for tummy tucks, especially people who have had massive weight loss who may still be 100 pounds overweight but now they have this hanging apron of skin and fat that's impeding their activity or preventing them from exercising. These people are great candidates for tummy tucks because it really gives them increased freedom to reduce their weight further.

People are first scared about the pain and then they're scared about the downtime. People hear that tummy tucks hurt but a tummy tuck is a skin operation so any of my patients who have had a Cesarean section or a hysterectomy or a gall bladder procedure, a tummy tuck will pale in comparison compared to the discomfort from those procedures. A pain in a surgical procedure is really from cutting through the muscle. In a tummy tuck you're cutting skin, you're not cutting muscle so you don't have that really stabbing pain that keeps you in bed. Tummy tuck patients are up and around the same day. In my tummy tucks I do a series of nerve blocks before and during the procedure that even decreases the pain further, so the patients tend not to wake up in much pain at all and they're ready to go about their business the same day.

Life After Massive Weight Loss: A Tummy Tuck Can Help You Reach Your Final Goal Weight

Dr. Nicholas Husni explains the benefits of a tummy tuck, especially for weight loss patients who need freedom from loose, hanging skin in order to reach their goal weight.