I'm doing just a quick video tonight to intro our new Vectra 3D simulation machine and software that we're really excited to have here. We've had it about three months now and it's been a great tool in showing patients what they can expect to look like after surgery. There's been nothing like this out yet. We actually create a 3D image using almost, technology from the movie Avatar to create your figure. We can then try on different size implants, take a look at how your figure will look and be able to look at it from multiple angles, which is amazing. It's actually your body, your rib cage, your shoulders, your skin, and gives you a much better idea than looking at a magazine, or looking at before and after pictures on what your outcome may be like. We've actually had it for three months now. We did want to test it out. Do over 100 cases and make sure that we can actually give you the outcome that the Vectra gives you. And we can -

Preview Breast Surgery Results With New Vectra 3D Imaging Technology

By creating a 3D digital likeness of the consumer's figure, Gretta Handley, Patient Care Manager at Davis Plastic Surgery, explains how brand new imaging software Vectra provides a cutting edge preview of the results of breast surgery.