I wanted to talk in a bit more depth today about the VECTRA imaging system that we have now here that we're very excited about. We're using it mainly for breast augmentation because we do a large amount of breast augmentation here, and one of the most common questions that we hear is, "How am I going to look after surgery? What size should I go?" Easily, everyone in the office spends hours a day working with women to determine what's too big, what's too small, what would fit best into their lifestyle.

Before this, we have used the tried-and-true Playboy method, which does work, but can leave inconsistencies, communication problems. You don't exactly look like this person to begin with, so you might not exactly look like that afterwards. There are a couple other software systems out there that we've looked into and have never jumped on because they didn't seem to provide a realistic outcome. I mean, Photoshop; you can Photoshop anything. What we wanted to find was something like this which actually takes your figure, turns it into 3D, because what looks like a picture in 2D, you might not like from the side or might not like from the top.

So this is an awesome way to see it from all angles and try on every different type of implant, high profile, low profile. You may come in and your breasts are uneven anyway, which a lot of people's are. Playboy's not really going to help you with that. So we're really excited about the VECTRA. And it's so far, we've had it for about three months now, has been a great tool for women determining what size that would like to be.

So I have my lovely model Lauriana here today who is going to demonstrate how the photo image is taken. We do this at the consultation, and it's painless. We're going to take one pictures of you from six different cameras to create a 3D version. Then we're going to upload it to the software and we can sit here and manipulate it. Thank you very much, Lauriana.

So then we would just pull it up after taking that picture, and we can go through what we see from multiple angles. Dr. Davis does measurements during his consultation anyway, which he still does, but this also takes away some of that. We're going to get exact breast tissue amounts, it's going to measure your fat, your rib cage, all of that. It's amazing. Then we can go ahead and decide on an implant plan, and we can go through and you can tell us what you prefer, whether saline or silicone, because we offer both, high profile, moderate profile, over the muscle, under the muscle. The software has the capability to choose all of that.

Then what we do as well is pick a couple sizes that you like, we'll go ahead and send you home with some pictures, take it to friends and family. Everybody can weigh in and vote. We can also email them to you, and you come back in at your pre-op appointment and we can work on this further. We have found so far that this is an amazing tool in this process to help women really understand what they might look like, and that takes a lot of the worry out of it.

Choose the Best Breast Implant For Your Body Using Vectra Technology

New 3D imaging technology Vectra provided consumers with a 3D image of their own figure, allowing them to "try on" various breast implant types and sizes to help them make the right decision for their body.