Dr. Jennifer Reichel: Hi there, RealSelf. This is Doctor Jennifer Reichel, Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetic Center. And we're doing a neck, sort or chin jaw line liposuction today. So right now I'm infusing into my patient's neck and we're putting in lidocaine in a very dilute and large volume. We're gonna let the patient sit for about 15 minutes. And then we'll go ahead and start the liposuction.

Dr. Jennifer Reichel: Hi there. We're back. Now going to actual liposuction. And I know that it looks kind of brutal, but actually it's not so bad. Cathy, tell us how you're feeling.

Cathy: I don't feel anything. I'm feeling good.

Dr. Jennifer Reichel: There you go. So it's actually not that painful. You can see here that the fat is coming out of the tube. This is the cannula that we're using. It's got little holes on the bottom where the fat gets sucked out and then hold in through the suction. And into a canister down there. And this whole procedure is only gonna take us probably about 20 minutes from start to finish. You can see there's this two little holes here. And one behind each ear. And those are called our ports and we don't even saw them up and they disappear. And the recovery for these is about three days of wearing a garment. And then after that, you may have some bruising, but it's pretty quick.

Dr. Jennifer Reichel: I love to actually combine this procedure along with something called Ultherapy which is an ultrasound tightening device and it just gives the patient even that much more benefit and that much more tightening. So we usually do that after the liposuction.

Neck & Jaw Liposuction Under Local Anesthesia

Dr. Reichel performing neck, chin, and jaw liposuction on her patient.