There are different types of facelifts. There's one called a short scar mini-facelift, and that is just the incision right on the ear, and that takes care of jowls only, and that doesn't take very long to do. That maybe a woman or a man, say, in their early 40s, for instance, who just wants a little touch-up, and that type of facelift is less than a week of downtime.

A longer facelift, which also involves the neck, that's the longer one, and the bigger one, but that's usually someone who's in their 50s, per se, but everyone is different, and everyone ages different. So, if they have a fair amount of jowling, or sagging, and they look kind of sad, and they have neck bands, then a full lower facelift would be the correct procedure for them.

Types of Facelifts

Doctor Hayes B. Gladstone discusses the pros and cons of different facelift treatments, and which treatment is right for you.