Dr. Michael Zeta: Hi, I'm Michael Zeta at Z Center for Cosmetic Health. We're doing another CoolSculpting treatment today for freezing unwanted bulges of fat. If you saw our last video, you saw that we used a large applicator for the belly fat. This time, we're going to use two small applicators for the belly fat. We've already treated one side. We marked her during her consultation and determined that it would be best for her, and give her the best results, if we treated these two areas using a smaller applicator, rather than a larger applicator.

This is really where the skill and experience of doing a lot of CoolSculpting treatments comes into play because you have to know which applicators to choose, depending on the location and the bulges of hat that would give the patient the best result. So, we're going to go ahead and start the treatment now. We're applying the cooling gel pad here in order to protect the skin. As you can see, the underside of it was already treated. You just have very minimal redness, which should go away in about 24 hours or so.

Now, as this goes on, the vacuum pulls in, you might feel a little bit of discomfort but after about five or ten minutes or so, once the freezing starts, it will go numb. All right. If we can see here, the fat goes all the way to the top, so we have a perfect amount in there. Comfortable?

Patient: Yes.

Dr. Zeta: Okay. Now, each time this applicator goes on, it's a one hour treatment. We just started the treatment there, so she's getting two areas done. That would be two hours but we have a nice flat screen TV, she can watch Netflix movies and the time goes by pretty fast. So, we'll see her in about an hour, when it's time to take it off.

All right, so the hour's up and we're ready to take the applicator off now. You're going to see, basically, a stick of frozen fat right there. There it is. We take the gel pad off. We're going to massage it into place for a few minutes. It's going to flatten out nicely.

All right. So that's a CoolSculpting, fat freezing treatment. Thanks for watching.

Two CoolSculpting Applicators do the Work of One on Unwanted Belly Fat

Watch Dr. Michael Zadeh perform the CoolSculpting by fat freezing treatment to naturally eliminate bulges of stubborn fat from the belly.