Patients, they come in with different expectations or desires with their scars, and it's really going to depend on how much skin laxity they have. The more skin laxity, then the more you're going to be able to get your scar down low.

For ladies who come in who don't have a lot of skin laxity, you may not be able to achieve a position of the scar that they want. And so it's very important to make sure you're aware of what they're looking for, what their goals are. And also if they do have restrictions on where your scar is going to fall.

I make sure that they need to bring those scar [inaudible 00:00:34] in so we can see whether or not we're going to able to achieve that because I think scar position is important. And for different people different positions are acceptable, and it just depends on what their goals are.

Tummy Tuck Scar: How Low Can You Go?

Dr. Laura Bennett addresses the common question regarding the positioning of the tummy scar and what factors play into the positioning process.