Most of the patients who are seeking an abdominoplasty are generally women who have had multiple child births or women who have lost lot of weight through bariatric surgery or on their own or again patients who have a lot of trouble losing that excess fat and skin around their midsection and are often discouraged because no matter what they do in terms of diet or exercise, nothing seems to happen in that zone. The abdominoplasty will remove the extra skin, the extra fat, the stretch marks and tighten the muscles of the abdomen to give the patient back a really nice firm abdomen often with an actual six-pack if the muscle will show through and what's great about that surgery... these are my happiest patients. There is no question about it because it solves the problem that nothing else can solve but more importantly the results are permanent and there are very few cosmetic surgeries where the results are permanent. This is one where patients almost never need a touch up or revision.

There are two types of tummy tucks. There is the full tummy tuck where the belly button is actually repositioned and there is the mini tummy tuck where we don't touch the belly button at all. The full tummy tuck is a better surgery in that it also tightens the upper abdomen. It gives a much more defined abdominal muscle. It also makes the skin more and more taut so it is the better surgery but in some patients we have to resort to a mini tummy tuck, which still gives a very nice result and a shorter scar and no scar around the belly button.

Tummy Tuck Patients Are "The Happiest Patients" With Their New Flat Abs

Dr. Arie Benchetrit explains how tummy tuck patients are "the happiest patients" with their flat post-procedure abs, revealing how some women can even achieve a 6-pack!