Well, labiaplasty is a very popular procedure now. We do much more of it that we used to because, I think, thanks to the internet, female patients are much more aware of what's available and what can be done. It's not hidden in the closet as it used to be.

Many patients feel uncomfortable about the appearance of their genitalia and would like to do something about it and realize there is a fairly simple procedure like labiaplasty which can dramatically improve the appearance of the genitalia. It's a simple office procedure which takes about an hour under local anesthesia and the results are permanent and very pleasing. Doing a wedge labiaplasty, rather than just trimming off the excess labia or the excess skin on the labia, as used to be done with a trim labiaplasty, we now take a wedge of tissue from the center of the labia, which allows us to then re-approximate the two ends and recreate a much more natural looking, particularly the edge of the labia becomes much more natural looking. It also preserves better sensation for the patient. The scar is almost invisible, and there are far fewer complications as a result of this surgery.

Labiaplasty Gaining in Popularity — Procedure Provides Permanent Results

Dr. Arie Benchetrit addresses labiaplasty, undoubtedly one of the least talked about procedures. While this surgery is still largely underrated, many women are finally reaping its benefits.