Cellulite is a major concern of almost all individuals. Almost every woman has some degree of cellulite. So, again, we've done a number of studies looking at new technologies and new approaches to the treatment of cellulite.

Some of the newest technologies that we're working with, first of all, is a new technology called the Legacy. It's a new radio frequency technology that, again, is very effective in evening out unwanted areas of bumpiness or depressions associated with cellulite. We are also involved in an injectable, again, what's called a collagenase molecule, that breaks up, again, the septum or the connections around the fat cells. That research is now ongoing with a company called Auxilium. Those clinical trials are now in progress.

We also were the pioneers, we helped develop the VelaShape, which was a combination of radio frequency, light, suction and massage. That was the first technology that was used for treatment of cellulite, and new generation technologies have continued to evolve. So those are really two of the major new areas for cellulite that are noninvasive.

In addition, we've been involved in research with Cellulaze. Cellulaze is the most advanced new technology in terms of the fact, if you want a more aggressive procedure, where under local anesthesia, tumescent anesthesia like we employ for liposuction, we actually insert laser fibers under the skin surface, and they're actually able to break the bands of cellulite, again, reduce the amount of fat content, as well as heating the area around the fat cells that leads to single treatment improvement.

So, we have both minimally invasive, like the Legacy, like the VelaShape, as well as slightly more invasive, but single treatment efficacy types of technology like Cellulaze that can be used to treat cellulite and get very, very nice results, certainly the most advanced results that we've been able to achieve using new generation technologies.

And on the forefront, we have these injectable, again, injectable materials that dissolve the areas around the fat cells, and that's sort of a new generation that probably will be used in conjunction with the newer technologies.

Treatments to Remove Cellulite

Dr. Neil S. Sadick compares treatments for removing cellulite.