Our research group has been working on new advanced treatments in hair loss in both men and women to stop hair loss in both men and women. We've identified that inflammation plays an important role in hair loss in women. So our new treatment modalities including the utilization of Minoxidil topical steroid formulations, we're taking out one's blood and isolating the platelet factors called platelet rich plasma, and we're actually re-injecting growth factors back into your scalp that allow you to stop hair loss and grow new hair. We're also using new advanced low energy lasers that also stimulate hair growth and also thicken the hair in women and men as well. In men what's new, we're working on a new hair transplantation robot. So the robot actually helps us perform the micro hair transplantation procedure using very natural follicular units. This is really a major advance in creating very natural hairlines in both men and women as well. So we're also using growth factors to inject into the scalp that also simulate new hair growth in men and women. So there's lots of new exciting treatment modalities that can grow hair, stop hair loss in men and women. Hair transplantation surgery is making leaps and bounds with the development of the new hair transplantation robot called the ARTAS robot. So the future is bright. Again, these treatments work best in early stages of hair loss. So we now have ways to keep everybody's hair throughout your entire life using these new advanced technologies. Well, as long as you have donor area it's never too late. So even if you have small amounts of donor area, if you're 60, 70 years old, you still are a good candidate for a hair transplantation surgery. What happens in the hair transplant we take donor hair from a donor site where the hair never will fall out genetically, and we re-implant it into balding areas of the scalp, but it behaves like the donor area and continues to grow for the rest of your life.

Major Advancements in Hair Growth Include a Hair Transplanting Robot

Dr. Neil Sadick gives us a preview of the newest advancements in hair growth, including a hair transplanting robot.