Stretch marks are a version of a scar, so they would be in that category of the atrophic, the thin scars that I was talking about, so stretch marks have been always a challenge to treat. They still are a challenge, but we actually have made some progress. I mean, I have two lasers that we can use to improve stretch marks. If you have a red stretch mark, then you can use the pulse dye laser, which is a laser that destroys the blood vessels in the stretch mark, and actually helps remodel the skin a little bit. But then using those non-ablative, which we call non-ablative lasers that cause the injury spots in the skin, fractionated injury spots, fraxel type lasers, we can use those in over several treatments, you can significantly improve it. We still can't totally get rid of stretch marks, so I keep stressing we can improve stretch marks. We don't quite get rid of them yet, but we're making a lot of progress there.

Treatment Options for Stretch Marks

Doctor George J. Hruza shares why stretch marks are difficult to treat and which laser treatments he uses to get the best results.