Dr. George J. Hruza: We have some older methods that still work which is, which work really well for depressed scars. For example, for acne scars which are depressed. They kind of tethered down, and so we use the, actually what's called "subcision" where we numb up the area and then we go underneath and break up all those attachments. And it plumps, the skin just pops up, it plumps it up and helps.

And of course the other thing you can use is filler, filling materials which there are a number of now. to help fill in the scars as well. So those are kinda the other things that we've done. The final thing which we also often do for scars when people have ice pick scars, where they have these acne scars with little holes and those you actually can surgically remove them with tiny circular blade, take the scar out, put the stitch in and that makes the scar much, much better.

The Different Options for Scar Removal

Doctor George Hruza discusses the different options for removing scars and how the techniques differentiate from each other.