Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick: I use a variety of things. I use the V-beam laser and the Fraxel Restore Laser, as well as the Fraxel Repair Laser. I use Five Fluorouracil if the scar is inflamed and swollen. So, we inject that medication directly into the scar, which makes it flatten and calm down. We can get rid of the redness with the V-beam laser.

We can make the texture and elevation of the scar better with using the Fraxel lasers, and usually, I combine those things together. Occasionally, if we have a scar that is really brown, I will use the Alexandrite laser with it. So, we have quite a number of lasers. We have about 40 lasers in our practice. So, I have my choice of many different tools.

Treatment Options for Scars

Doctor Richard Fitzpatrick shares how he combines different types of lasers to treat scars.