The mid-face has always been an enigma. We never had a great solution to treat mid-face, and usually when there is multiple options to treat one area, that means we don't have one great option. Otherwise, everybody would be doing the same thing. So, it has been a challenge for plastic surgeons of all kinds for many years. I think with introduction of the fillers that gave us another tool to use in the mid-face and has greatly improved our ability to treat that area. However, it's not a panacea. And so, I think patients nowadays are very well informed, but they also need to know there's other options, and my job as a physician is to educate and inform a patient, and let them know what the anatomical situation is because there could be several and give them the best option for treatment.

Treating the Mid-Face Has Been a "Challenge For Plastic Surgeons"

Dr. Joe Shvidler explains why the best treatment for the mid-face has eluded plastic surgeons for so long and what options are now available.