So here we are. This is a full tummy tuck revision. This patient complained of abdominal tightness, pain and some gastrointestinal issues secondary to eating. We suspect that she had a pseudo-bursa and here it is. Here is the top layer of the pseudo-bursa, very thick, maybe three millimeters. Here's the bottom layer of the pseudo-bursa. That's her natural abdominal fascia. This is where the seroma used to live and this is why the body formed this pseudo-bursa. The patient did report that it was more uncomfortable on the right than on the left and that's exactly what we're seeing, thicker on the right and thicker on the left. This patient will undoubtedly have almost complete resolution of her symptoms immediately post-op.

Inside the Operating Room: Tightness After a Tummy Tuck Caused By Pseudobursa (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Remus Repta discovers why his patient has been experiencing abdominal tightness and gastrointestinal issues. Find out the answer.